Hrm 240

Davina Ross Selection Tools HRM/240 August 5, 2011 Cheryl DePonte Making a good selection is paramount in the hiring process. I??™s the difference between a good hard working employee and an employee who may not uphold the ideas of the company. A good selection process can reduce the number of applications one may have to […]


Level 3 in Counselling skills and Theory Unit 4 journey of self discovery 1.1 Most of us believe that self- development only happens when we are learning something new, and we forget that self-development is an ongoing process. A counsellor??™s own development must be a continual process of, growth and expansion. They must demonstrate an […]

Hrm 240 Script for Orienting New Employees

Final Project: Script for Orienting New Employees HRM/240 March 24, 2012Novonda Lilly Axia College of University of Phoenix We are excited to have you as part of our team. You were hired because we believe you can contribute to the success of our business and share our commitment to achieving the goals of our mission […]


Introduction the counsellor and client as counsellors are required to have regul In this assignment I will be explaining how I shall be looking at Psychodynamic counselling which has its roots in the theories of Sigmund Freud. His studies focused on the belief that our emotions, thoughts and behaviour stem from the unacceptable thoughts from […]

Hrm 240 Checkpoint Performance Appraisal

HRM/240 CheckPoint: Performance Appraisal Here are the two aspects of performance appraisals that I chose are; Strategic relevance and compliance with the law. One of the special challenges for strategic relevance are; If the employee does not understand the companies goals then this can put the employee at a high risk for failing their appraisal. […]

Hrm 210 Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Kelly Styles HRM/240 September 18, 2011 Dr. Bea B. Bourne Affirmative Action I would like to recommend a few changes in the company in which affirmative action policies are implemented. Affirmative action is a policy or program that is aimed at countering discrimination against minorities and women, especially in employment and education settings. […]

Counselling the Patient with Gid

Abstract Appreciating and counseling the patient with Gender Identity Disorder is not always an easy task.?  Each counselor must comprehend the in depth ideas to these individuals who need assistance with their mental health needs and their individual diagnostic needs.?  Considering the etiologies, the differential diagnoses, and the treatment strategies available not only to the […]

Hrm 204 Final Selection Tools

Selection Tools HRM/240 October 10, 2010 Employee Selection Tools A properly designed and well executed employee selection process is important for a company because it makes employees perform better, it decreases employee mischief, and leads to better employee attitude, higher company productivity, and less turnover. For a company to remain competitive nationally and internationally, they […]

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