Hrm 350

Why is consistency in all HR functions important across multinational organizations There are many functions that HR performs and each of them is important and need to be consistent. The first function that comes to mind that the HR department performs and that is the hiring of any workers. They perform any interviews, know what the company is looking for in an employee, create the rules and guideline or the job description, give any tests or assessments that are required or needed and other such tasks. The second function that is important and that is the down sizing of the company or organization and they also determine which employees are important to a company and those that are less of importance, perform the firing and also know the rules and regulations for this particular task. The third function could be training; HR is responsible for every aspect of making sure that an employee knows the job that they are supposed to be doing. The fourth function that is of importance that they perform is safety related things such as training, making certain any rules and regulations are followed, keeping up with any changes that may have been made and also making sure that employees know how to do their job properly and safety.
What are the consequences of inconsistency There are many problems that are involved with inconsistency in lets say the way that they do their hiring, their may be issues with having the wrong person for the job, the job may not get done or get done properly, their may be inconsistency in what the company wants in a employee, proper assessments may not be done and also in different countries their may be more issues depending on the country. Hr is important for downsizing if there is an inconsistency then the wrong person may be let go. If there is an inconsistency in train or safety issues then someone could get harmed or the job could do get properly. All of these cost the organization more time and money.

Hrm 350

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