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Selection Tools
August 5, 2011
Cheryl DePonte

Making a good selection is paramount in the hiring process. I??™s the difference between a good hard working employee and an employee who may not uphold the ideas of the company. A good selection process can reduce the number of applications one may have to choose from. This process is usually done by a human resource department in most companies. The three selection tools that would be considered for a hiring program at a supermarket would be employment history, interviewing process and background check. A supermarket employee must be considerate and helpful to the many people they serve.
Employment history can usually be determined through the application process. It shows the person responsible for hiring, the types of jobs the applicant has held in the past, the length of employment, the reasons why they are no longer employed, and how often the applicant has moved from one job to another. Since there??™s usually a high turnover in this industry, most hiring managers would like to reduce the number of employees that leave and may be able to monitor this through the employment history process. It gives one an insight as to the type of job duties the applicant has been responsible for in the past, if they are qualified, and may be able to aid in determining what position within the supermarket they would be best fitted for.
The interviewing process another very important step in the hiring process; it allows the interviewer to become acquainted with the applicant. They can see how the applicant carries themselves, if they are confident, personable, or if they would be a good representation of the company. Does the applicant speaks clearly and is easy to understand. It is the best opportunity to find out first-hand about their job experience and why they think they should be a part of your business. Bohlander & Snell (2007) states the interview remains a mainstay of selection because it is especially practical when there are only a small number of applicants; it serves other purposes, such as public relations.
The last selection tool that I choose was background check. Due to the fact that working in a supermarket, some employees handle cash, it is important to know that none of the employees hired have a criminal past. This is also true with knowing employees do not have a violent past, since they must work with the public, they must be patient and understanding to the customers??™ needs and wants. No business owner would want a person that has a criminal record such as theft, which could result in a loss for the supermarket for unaccounted for items being taken.
These tools are necessary for working in a supermarket, they are the best choices is choosing the right candidate for any open position. Knowing what the applicants past job experience is will help you to know if they are capable of taking direction and working in this type of environment. The interviewing process allows you to see how they carry themselves and the hiring manager may judge their character based on the type of questions that were asked and the applicants??™ answers. Lastly with the background check, the interviewer will be able to determine if the applicant can be trusted. These are the advantages of the selection tools that were chosen.
The position that has been chosen for the final project is an Administrator. An Administrator is the back bone and the most functioning individual in any organization; they are responsible for keeping the organization running smoothly from behind the scenes. An Administrators primary job function is to provide administrative support for the person or department they are responsible for, managing certain projects within the business, filing and retrieving information or documents, multi-tasking, and looking after clients. Therefore, all three of the selection tools that are listed above are an important part of the hiring process with the job that has been chosen for the final project. However, Administrator requirements are much different than the job requirements of a supermarket employee; the hiring process should be more detailed.
Employment verification within the application process will show all the necessary past job history to determine if the candidate has the ample experience or previous knowledge of the job which they are applying for. Some experience in customer service would be helpful as well as working within a team environment.
A background check will show if a candidate has any arrests or a criminal background. This step is important because no repeatable business would want to hire someone that has a violent past. An Administrator must be patient due to the fact they will be dealing with different personalities within the business, which will also include clients. They must always be the best representation of the company they work for.
Another tool that may be helpful to use is an assessment test, personality test, and drug test. Using this method will limit the amount of time spent on unqualified candidates as well as giving the company the opportunity to test ones skills or personality to see if they are suited for the job in other areas. Since the position requires an employee to be in the public eye, they must always be consistent in their level of service to the company. Hiring the right candidate for this position should be a fairly easy process and the selection tools mentioned should lock down the best possible candidates available for this position.
The starting point in recruiting for this position would be to determine if the position will be offered to in house employees, giving them the opportunity to move up within the company or would it best for the company to bring in an outside employee. The benefit of hiring from within would cut down on the amount of time spent training the new employee as the in house employee will be more familiar with the interworking of the business. If in house, the position should be posted internally via the company website or posting on a bulletin board within the company. The prospective candidate would be interviewed and required to write a brief synopsis of why they should be considered for the position, their current manager would be required to state why they feel the employee should be considered. If they have a proven track record within their current position, then employee would be considered for a promotion, depending on the position they currently hold within the company.
For all outside candidate, the position would be posted on the company website, a job search engine such as Monster or Career Builder, and temporary job services. The application, including posting of their resume would be available for them. If they go directly through the company website, they would be requested to complete the assessment or personality test after they submit the application. Again, this would decrease the amount of time spent on unqualified applicants. As not to hold up the interviewing process of qualified candidates, scores from the assessment test should be available within 24 hours. The candidate that best fits what the company is looking for would be offered the position, if they accept the details as to date of hire, salary and benefits would be covered.
There are several methods of the interviewing process. The Structured interview usually has a set of questions that asked to each candidate, it keeps the flow of the interview in order and the interviewer maintains complete control at all times. The non-directive interview lets the candidate speak freely and go in any direction they choose. The broad open-minded process leaves the interview open for other information to come out that otherwise may not have. The method I would choose for the interviewing process would be the structured interview, although, it would be good to incorporate the broad open-minded questions to learn as much as possible about the candidate. Below is a list of possible interview questions that may be used for this position.
?° What job responsibilities have you done in the past that makes you the best person for this position
?° Have you ever had an irate customer What did you do What was the outcome
?° Have you ever had a bad situation occur with a fellow employee What was the outcome
?° What are your strengths
?° What are your weaknesses
?° Do you prefer working alone or in a team environment
?° What are you looking for in regard to working for this company
?° Are you looking for long term employment What does job stability mean to you
?° What do you know about the position you are applying for
?° What do you know about this company
?° Do you require constant supervision

If the prospective candidate possesses the proper qualifications, background, work history or work ethics. And possess the skills that are required, then you would have the best candidate for the job. Finding the right person to fit the position may take more than may be expected, but it is necessary to assure that the right person will be hired. They must be a good fit with the company with other employees and clients in mind. Does this person fit what would be the best representation of the company; can they conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
The final decision is normally left up to the Human Resource department, and an offer would be placed to the prospective employee, and if accepted all the particulars will be worked out at that time. With all the steps put into the complete process of hiring, it is hoped that the best person would be hired to carry out the necessary duties the job requires.


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