Affirmative Action
Kelly Styles
September 18, 2011
Dr. Bea B. Bourne

Affirmative Action
I would like to recommend a few changes in the company in which affirmative action policies are implemented. Affirmative action is a policy or program that is aimed at countering discrimination against minorities and women, especially in employment and education settings.
Diversity is desirable and wont always occur if left to chance. Students starting at a disadvantage need a boost. Affirmative action draws people to areas of study and work they may never consider otherwise. Some stereotypes may never be broken without affirmative action. Affirmative action is needed to compensate minorities for centuries of slavery or oppression.
A teacher at Kansas State University by the name of Krishna Tummala states that affirmative action is a difficult subject (Potucek, 2003). This is because affirmative action can cause reverse discrimination in the education and work settings where it is used. However, affirmative action within work and education settings has been shown to open new doors for minority groups. These doors have led to areas of college education and areas of work where minority groups have not ventured into in the past.
Within the last 45 or more years, affirmative action has brought a greater sense of equality to the education and work force. Women, African Americans, Hispanics, Latino??™s, and immigrants from all over the globe have flocked to the United States in an effort to find and build a new life with the dream of raising their children in a society where everyone is treated as an equal.
The practice of affirmative action has provided positive qualities to an overall cultural diversity. Also, many people who would not have had opportunities to excel in life were given the changes through the affirmative action legislation. Affirmative action has more positive qualities than negative side effects. Many people who wouldnt have had any real opportunities to succeed and excel in life were given the changes through the affirmative action legislation. University and supervisory populations were once homogenous and almost exclusively white male.
The process of affirmative action ensures that men and women of all nationalities, creed, color, and religious backgrounds are provided the same opportunities for employment, education, and advancement within corporation and education settings. However, there is the question as to whether or not affirmative action can cause reverse discrimination on individuals who are considered to belong to a majority such as individuals from more prominent ethnic backgrounds. In the past, there has been unrest when individuals of minority descent have been afforded opportunities that they may not have been fully qualified for. While affirmative action is meant to provide opportunities for underprivileged minority groups, I believe that a minority individual should be hired due to his or her experience, knowledge which pertains to his or her desired position, and educational background. Not based solely on his or her ethnical background simply because a corporation needs to meet or abide by affirmative action laws.
Today the diversity and empowerment opportunities of our schools and work places help contribute to a richer cultural environment from everyone. There is much to learn about other cultures and affirmative action helps us learn in the best way, through interaction. Through interaction with individuals from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, everyone within a workplace or educational setting can learn and come to accept an individual for who he or she is. Not for any form of stigma or racial profiling that many individuals on their own believe in due to their own upbringing or ethnic and racial background.
I believe that enacting an affirmative action play for our corporation can greatly diversify the amount of men and women within the corporation while ensuring that educated indivduals are able to use his or her education, experiences, and personal moral beliefs to enrich the workplace for the betterment of all who work together. I hope that you, the board of directors, will take into consideration the benefits that affirmative action can bring to our corporation.
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